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Outdoor Tug of War Dog Toy
Outdoor Tug of War Dog Toy
blue red tug toy for dogs
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Outdoor Tug of War Dog Toy
Outdoor Tug of War Dog Toy
Outdoor Tug of War Dog Toy
Outdoor Tug of War Dog Toy

Outdoor Tug of War Dog Toy

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Tug of War Dog Toy

This is a really good and funny toy for dogs to play with outside. It includes several functions such as squeaking, food leaking, tug-of-war, molar, and dog chew cotton rope, which adds a lot of fun to dogs.

The tie-out stick of the dog tug toy can be fixed on the soft ground and it can also be used as a stretch rope ball for dogs. The toy can release the dog‘s energy and enables dogs to do exercise.

This tug-of-war dog toy can attract dogs' interest when they are playing with it. When they pull and bite the ball, the stability of the ground will stimulate dogs desire to win.

This toy has a molar ball which is resistant to a dog's bite and it also includes a food leaking function. Snacks can be put in the slot, then it can be used as a food-dispensing toy. And when the dog bites the toy, it will make a squeaky sound to attract dogs' attention and add much more fun.

With this tug-of war toy, you can fix the plug on the ground to leave dogs to play with the ball on their own. It will consume their energy and we recommend dogs to play 20-30 minutes each time, then they can walk themselves.

The ball is made of TPR material and adopts a reinforcement design. It also comes with a cotton rope, which is very durable and can resist the dog‘s biting.

With this toy, dogs can also clean their teeth, improve IQ, do exercise and relieve anxiety. 

This dog tug toy is a multifunctional dog walking toy, which can free your hands and make it easier to go out with the dog.