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Personalized dog collars are collars that dog owners have their phone numbers, puppies’ names, or addresses embroidered or engraved on the material of collars.

Dogs are lost almost every day, so it is essential to get a custom collar for your puppy, because it can increase the probability of getting him back home if he gets lost.

Although modern technology can implant microchips in dogs, simple identification information makes contacting their owners faster and more convenient. If the chip is implanted, the person who finds the puppy has to take him to the pet hospital to find out the information. Many people are not willing to do this at all. Wearing custom collars with nameplates increases the probability of being noticed, and naturally, it increases the possibility of getting your dog back. Wearing a personalized dog collar is the easiest and cheapest way to keep puppy from getting lost forever.

We offer different kinds of personalized collars. For example, you can find reflective collars, leather, nylon, embroidered or waterproof dog collars.

All our personalized dog collars are made of high-quality durable materials and can be used for a long time.

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  • Nylon Personalized Reflective Dog Collar
    personalized dog collars
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  • Reflective Personalized Leather Dog Collar
    reflective personalized leather dog collars
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  • Personalized Leather Dog Collar with Nameplate
    leather dog collar with name plate
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  • Waterproof Personalized Dog Collar Leash Set
    waterproof personalized dog collar leash set
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  • Nylon Personalized Embroidered Dog Collar
    nylon personalized embroidered dog collar
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  • Personalized Dog Collar Leash Set with Poop Bag
    custom personalized dog collar leash set
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