• How to Teach a Dog to Fetch?

    Many dog owners are having issues getting their dogs to play fetch properly. Any time you play with your dog, he or she just sits on the ground and stares at you, or just runs off to do other things like sniffing around and never brings the toy back to you. You may be very frustrated and would like to solve this problem. Then how to teach your dog to play fetch? This article will tell you how to do that in 4 easy steps.
  • Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

    Why do dogs like squeaky toys so much? For dogs, the high-pitched squeak sounds just like a scared or injured prey animal would make which immensely satisfy their prey drive. They just want to rip the toy apart because of their instincts. When the toy stops squeaking, dogs will think they have “killed” their prey successfully and they can stop the attack.
  • Is LED Dog Collar Important For Our Dog?

    LED dog collars can glow in the dark, and they can also flash which makes our dogs visible in the dark environment, then our pets can be easily found. With this kind of collar, we do not need to worry that our pet cannot be seen by car drivers and we can help our pets avoid the car accidents.