Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

If you find your dog likes playing with a squeaky toy so much, you’re not alone. Squeaky toys are very popular with most dogs. You’ll find many toys made of different materials such as rubber, stuffed fabrics or plastics in the shops are been incorporated with squeakers. Why do dogs love squeaky toys, and even go crazy over them?

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Why Do Dogs Go Crazy Over Squeaky Toys?

According to research, although our pups are not predators, the instincts to hunt and capture prey like their wild ancestors are still alive in them today. For dogs, the high-pitched squeak sounds like a scared or injured prey animal that immensely satisfies their prey drive. That’s also the reason you often see dogs shake their heads when they bite the toys, they just want to rip the toy apart because of their instincts. When the toy stops squeaking, dogs think they have “killed” the prey successfully and they can stop the attack.

Are Squeaky Toys Good and Safe for Dogs?

To some degree, squeaky toys are good for dogs, because they can keep our puppies busy, reduce boredom, and relieve their energy. This can reduce unwanted bad behavior towards non-toy items such as sofa, bed, or other things in your house. Play with a toy can also promote dogs’ brain development and adds a lot of fun to them.

Although squeaker toys provide dogs with a lot of fun. The danger also needs to be mentioned. When dogs are playing with this kind of toy, you should supervise them carefully, or they may accidentally swallow little parts of the toys when they are trying to destroy them. Also please make sure to check the condition of the toy often. If it is damaged, please repair or replace it in time to avoid ingesting accidents.

How to Choose Safe Squeaky Toys?

There are a few important things to consider when choosing the right and safe toys for your dogs.

Firstly, consider whether the toy is durable for use. If it is not very durable, please make sure to supervise your dog when they are playing with it to avoid choking problems.

Secondly, consider about the safety. Some toys do not have any stuffing in it which helps dogs avoid swallowing any toy parts and reduce the mess. Although they only come with a squeaker, you need to be carefully to make sure that they do not swallow it.

How to Clean Plush Squeaky Dog Toys?

Before washing a squeak toy, please check whether the squeaker is removable. If so, take it off before washing. If not, the stuffing in the toy will help survive this process. If not, it’s probably waterlogged and you can give it a few squeezes until its revived.

Most plush squeaker dog toys can be thrown into the washing machine which is easy and effective. And please use a gentle detergent and make sure it is not bad for your dogs’ health. However, some might cannot be thrown into the washing machine, please remember to check the label before washing. In this case, you need wash them with hands.

Why My Dog Doesn’t Like Squeaky Toys?

Dogs also have their own preferences due to personality differences just like humans. If they don’t like a squeak toy, they may not have a very strong prey drive. You just need to choose other types such as flying discs, rope toy, ball, or tug-of-war toy etc. for them.

Why Does My Dog Whine When the Toy Squeaks?

There are several reasons. Firstly, they may express excitement because they get a new toy and would like to share their happiness with you.

Secondly, they may express frustration when they are unable to stop the squeaking.

Finally, they are whining to gain attention. They may would like you to join them to play.

Do Dogs Think Squeaky Toys are Alive?

Dogs know the toy isn’t alive, because they can feel it doesn’t have heartbeat, breath sounds, body smell, but as it triggers their prey drive, they just like to play with it until the squeaking stops.